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Sihanoukville’s Not-So-Great Full Moon Party

Sihanoukville's not-so-great Full Moon Party. A rainy stay in the Cambodian beach town, an island rave, a swarm of flying insects and more!


When we were in Sihanoukville in Cambodia, there was a full moon. The weather hadn’t been great since we had arrived, actually, it had been terrible. It rained so much at one stage we thought the sea was going to flood. In between showers, we saw a flyer for a full moon party on an island and thought that Sihanvoukville’s version of a full moon party could be good. We bought tickets for a hefty $10.

Everyone was told to meet up at a bar and we arrived sober. After experiencing full moons at Kho Phangan, this looked like a bit of a let down. There were other people standing around, many wearing full moon t-shirts from Thailand. We didn’t have time to finish our first drinks before we were ushered onto a small boat with no lights. The second we got on the boat, it started to rain, like, lashing rain. Continue Reading