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Flight Survival Kit

Flight Survival Kit

Ah, another Christmas, another long mission to get home. This time I had the pleasure of flying Adelaide-Kuala Lumpur, then a nine hour wait, then Kuala Lumpur-Amsterdam, and Amsterdam-Dublin. Phew. Thirty-something hours of joy!

In preparation for the trip, I had to get my survival kit together.

I like to do what I can do to make the flight as pleasant as possible, so here are my must haves for any long flight:



Socks- Fluffy or compression. My feet always get cold on planes.

Scarf- Great for protection from the harsh drafts on planes, and makes you feel cosy when trying to sleep.


Sleepy Supplies

Eye mask- Many airlines provide these but I try to bring my own, just in case.

Ear plugs – Great for blocking out noise. They also help your ears with the cabin pressure.

Pillow- I bring a neck pillow to add some comfort for when I’m trying to sleep. For a lot of the flight, I had my pillow in a little bag under the seat in front of me, and I discovered it works well as a little footrest.

Water- I hate getting on a plane without a bottle of water. Those little cups of water are so tiny!




flight survival guide



Lip Balm

Moisturiser- I like to bring a hand cream that is a gentle brand like Nivea or Vaseline. For some reason I always seem to get these as gifts, so I usually have one in my room. I like a gentle brand so that I can use it as a facial moisturiser.

Mascara or eyeliner- I like having something to freshen up with because when I get off a long haul flight I feel like crap, and look that way too.

Painkillers- Sometimes I get these horrible headaches when landing, they nearly make me cry! So now I always  have to have some Panadol in my bag, just in case.

Sleeping tablets- I find it pretty much impossible to sleep on a plane, so taking a sleeping pill midway through the longest flight helps me nod off for a little while.

new! Spray bottle- I bought one of these for the first time and was really excited to use it. It sounds lovely to spritz your parched face with a nice mist. I even put some mint in it because there was some in the house. But then of course I forgot to bring it so I missed out on the refreshing feeling. Maybe next time I will remember!



Book- I prefer to bring an old-fashioned book when flying because you can use it all through the flight. As I am such a freak, I actually saved the latest Douglas Kennedy book for months for this flight! (sounds a little very crazy, I know, but I love his books so much, and I associate them with travelling, because I discovered him in Asia two years ago and couldn’t believe how much I loved his books. My parents sent it over to me for my birthday and I wanted to save it because the only time I read in Australia is in on the way to work, and I didn’t want to read it in snippets on the tram in the mornings, it deserves my full attention!)

As a massive bookworm, I also love to spend time in airport bookshops. This means that there are always at least 4 books that I desperately want to buy. I had finished my Douglas Kennedy by the time I got to Amsterdam so I had to buy another book, and it was only $8.50, an absolute bargain compared to Australian prices!

Magazines- I love having magazines, and again, I get manipulated by the special offers. Have you seen the way they have deals where you can buy three magazines for $12? When weighing it up against one like Marie Claire for $9, it can be a tough choice (I prefer buying a thick magazine, but value and gossip can derail my plans!)

Magazines are great for when you’re waiting in line (although I do end up looking like Belle from Beauty and The Beast walking around with my nose in a magazine!), and for when the plane is landing.

Laptop- It is always handy to know that you can watch something of your own if the inflight entertainment is lacking. I also intended to get lots of writing on the flight. But is that a little annoying for my neighbour to be hearing me pounding the keys? (Yes) I only did it for two hours so it wasn’t too bad!

Notebook- I used to always start a diary on family holidays and would spend a chunk of the flight documenting every detail of the trip so far. Of course I would abandon my writing after a few days and be left with a sad diary of empty pages, but I still love the idea of bringing a notebook with me.



Plane food just doesn’t cut it. Especially because I don’t sleep, so when it’s 8 hours into a 14 hour flight the munchies always kick in! I like to bring sweets, at least one bar of chocolate, and if I’m organised, a cereal bar or even a muffin.


So that’s my flight survival guide. I would absolutely love any suggestions on anything else I can do to make long haul flights easier!

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