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Glenelg – Adelaide’s Best Beach Town?

Glenelg, Adelaide South Australia. Why this pretty beach town is my favourite in Adelaide - The Traveloguer Travel Blog

`While living in Australia, I was lucky enough to call Adelaide‘s seaside town of Glenelg my home for many months. When I think back to that time, I remember long summer days, daily strolls on the beach, and the feeling of being lucky to live in such a nice place.

Although I was fairly broke, we found a place to live in the gorgeous area of Glenelg South. Our home was a small, unfurnished apartment, but it was a six minute walk to the beach.

Glenelg Beach

At the time, I longed to be back on the road, not in one place. I think that made me unaware of just how special Adelaide’s Glenelg is.

The sunsets and beaches alone are reason enough to want to stay, but it is also the kitch holiday vibe found in the town, and the beauty of the quiet family neighbourhoods that provide Glenelg with the perfect combination of fun and peace.

Glenelg is also home to delicious food, from fine seafood dining, to amazing gelato shops and my favourite coffee shop in Adelaide.

Here are some photographs of Glenelg that reveal how beautiful it was, and that also give you an insight into what my expat life was like over there.

Mosely Square

Mosley Square, palm trees, food spots and a stunning view of the Jetty. This is where I used to get the tram to work every morning, when the rising sun turned the sky a gorgeous pink.

Fish Chips Ice Cream Glenelg

A great fish and chip shop called Fish Bone, located in Mosely Square. If you take a left at that ice cream cone, you will find my favourite Glenelg ice-cream spot, Cold Rock.

Mosely Square Town Hall - Glenelg -

Glenelg Town Hall, Mosely Square. The Town Hall is home to a Social History Museum, where you can learn about the first UK settlers who arrived in Adelaide. I think this photo sums up Glenelg’s old-fashioned and summery vibe.

Glenelg - Adelaide's Best Beach Town - The Traveloguer Travel BLog

There was nothing better than coming home from work and heading straight to the beach to stick our feet in the warm sand and watch the sunset! 


Glenelg at dusk

Houses in South Glenelg, Adelaide - The Traveloguer

Typical Australian homes in our neighbourhood of Glenelg South.

Glenelg South Houses - Glenelg Adelaide's Beach Town



I loved all the pretty gardens and the endless blue skies in Glenelg.

Jetty Bar, Jetty Road, Glenelg

The iconic Jetty Bar on Jetty Road, Glenelg.


A winter day at the Glenelg Jetty. I really regret that I never got around to jumping off the jetty in the summer!

Glenelg Tram, Adelaide - The Traveloguer

The Adelaide tram brings you from the city centre straight to Glenelg’s Mosely Square.

Glenelg Swim

After a quick after-work swim.

Glenelg Beach - Adelaide - The Traveloguer

Glenelg Beach 


When in Australia, do as the Aussies do and fire up the barbie as much as possible!

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Glenelg, Adelaide, South Australia

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      Thank you Jansen. It’s a great place. Thanks for you comment!

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