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Why Melbourne is Awesome

reasons why melbourne is awesome, australia

reasons why melbourne is awesome, australia

Melbourne is awesome!


There are certain places that give you that special feeling from the second you arrive. It is an instant feeling that is a combination of belonging, lust and excitement. I have experienced it a few times and have found that the first instinct about those places has always been right. It happened in Amsterdam, New York and Phnom Penh.

Melbourne was another, although it didn’t hit me right away. Probably because I was freezing my ass off for the first 24 hours. But once we started exploring, I fell in love with Melbourne.


Melbourne National


1. The buildings are a mix of old and innovative designs.


Newer building Melbourne


2. St Kilda is brilliant with its gritty and cool vibe.


St Kilda Sex Shop Melbourne


3. The people have great style. They are fashionable, funky and creative in their sartorial expression.


Melbourne Students


Melbourne couple


4. The city is buzzing with life.




5. The trams are cool.


Trams n Bikes


Melbourne Tram


6. There was an awesome guy playing the didgeridoo, making beautiful ‘organic trance.’ He was really talented.


Organic Trance in Melbourne


7. There are so many cyclists.




8. There was a protest going on for free speech.




9. Melbourne people seem to have a social conscience and are supportive of important causes.




10. You can do some serious Neighbours tourism.




(And stalking!)




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