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Musical Famine and the Relief of Finally Feasting

the relief of finally music the traveloguer

the relief of finally music the traveloguer

Being a long-term traveller is amazing. Yet there are certain things that you miss out on from being so far from home. Friends, family and your mother’s cooking are all things we tend to miss after a long stretch on the road, but, for me, there is one thing that I miss more than all that. And that is music.

Specifically dance music; trance, techno or house. I know they do have music in Australia, but it is somewhat lacking to my ears.

Dance music has been a massive part of my life for well over a decade now. There is something about that music, those beats, that feeling it gives me, that I can’t even begin to describe. For those of you who don’t like this music, I can only equate it to seeing your favourite singer or band play in concert. You know how it feels to be listening to them live and in person, the feeling it gives you? Well, dance music gives me that feeling every time I listen to it. And the beauty of living in Dublin was that there is a constant stream of djs I admire playing every month. Some weeks there was more than one legend playing and deciding who to go and see was like being let loose in Willy Wonka’s factory.

residence dublin

It was fantastic, and I lived for the weekend. At home, there is a large group of fellow appreciators of tunes that congregate every week to dance and relish in the beats that vibrate through your entire body as you sway amidst the sweaty masses. Being surrounded by people who just get it is such a luxury. Standing next to someone who is having the exact same reaction to a couple of notes is like finding a musical soulmate. And I am lucky enough to have many, many of these soulmates.

That was what was tough about setting off on my travels, knowing I would be missing so much. But of course, at the time, I had no idea that my trip would turn into almost three years of being away. Three years of musical famine. I think if I had known that I might have had a panic attack at the airport!

It hasn’t been constant starvation, I don’t think I could live with that. But it has been a long, traumatising drought broken up by trickles of quenching tunes that have sustained me. I still find it hard to believe that I can live like this. But I suppose people can survive weeks in the desert, so a lack of clubbing is not the end of the world. (But sometimes it really feels like it is!)

crowd of music

For my first birthday away from home, I had arranged it so we could be in Jakarta, where we met up with an awesome couple who took us to a massive festival where Dash Berlin was playing. It was full of Indonesians and I was so happy to be surrounded by fellow appreciators and enjoyed the familiar sounds by Dash. Afterwards, we went to Stadium, a proper Indonesian club with proper tunes. It was just what I needed on my birthday.


I was so excited to hear tunes I almost snapped my neck!

While living in Auckland, we discovered a few clubs on K’Road. It was mostly dubstep but it would have to do. We had a many a great night in there. Then, in November 2011, Bryan Kearney came to play. He played to a packed 4:20 club and played plenty of big room hits that had me smiling from ear to ear all night.

bryan kearney auckland

John O’Callagahan, one of my favourite producers, came to save us in February this year. That was followed by a trip to Perth in April for Future Music, where we stationed ourselves up front at the Cocoon stage and did not move for the entire time. Magda, Seth Troxler, Sven Vath, Villalobos absolutely amazed me and gave me the stamina to continue on for a few months.

Then last week heaven came in the form of Stereosonic. We luckily got to see John O’Callaghan and Fila play back to back, where they were joined by Ferry Corsten. Seeing the three of them up there together brought a tear to my eye! Corsten is responsible for shaping my taste in music. He was such a an influential producer, and Carte Blanche, Out of the Blue, along with all of his Gouryella offerings will forever remain at the forefront of my mind when it comes to classic tracks.


So when I got to meet him, I was really starstruck. I tried to hide my starry-eyed admiration for him, but thinking back now, meeting someone who has had such an effect on me was really amazing. You could say that it made it up for my musical starvation over the past few months.

And now I am at home for a month. Every time I know I am coming home, I can’t wait to start looking up Resident Advisor and Ticketmaster to see what’s going to be on. It is just so damn exciting! It feels like such a luxury to have such choice on offer!

My clubbing calendar is already filling up with nights that are guaranteed to be unforgettable. I’m pretty much at wetting myself levels of excitement thinking of it, Guy Gerber on the 26th, followed by a massive Subculture night featuring John O’Callaghan and Giuseppe Ottaviani on the 27th. Then there is new year’s Eve and Full Tilt in January. I am a lucky girl. I keep getting butterflies every time I think about what’s to come.




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