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New Zealand Rugby World Cup Victory Parade, 2011

New Zealand World Cup FInal VIctory Parade, Auckland, 2011 - The Traveloguer

New Zealand have won the Rugby World Cup 2015, for the second time in a row. I was hoping this would happen!

I lived in New Zealand during the last World Cup in 2011. I was never a rugby fan, but being there when New Zealand was hosting the Rugby World Cup, and when they won, was amazing.

Despite working in one of the World Cup stores in the build up to the tournament, I still wasn’t into the sport. But then I saw the All Blacks perform the hakka on the big screen outside the Cloud in the fanzone on Queens Wharf with my fellow Rugby World Cup employees who had run out of the shop to witness the start of the match, the Alll Blacks got under my skin.

On the night of the rugby world cup final, I was working in the shop on Queens Street, and remember walking home past fans on the street watching the match outside pubs.

New Zealand Rugby World Cup Final 2011, NZ v France, thetraveloguer

Back in the hostel, we painted our faces in support, and watched the firework displays from the rooftop when New Zealand beat France and became world cup champions.

New Zealand RUgby WOrld Cup Final Celebrations thetraveloguer


New Zealand World Cup Final Celebration

The next day, we walked outside for the Victory parade. The streets were a sea of people. All Blacks and New Zealand flags waved in the air and from windows. People’s faces were decorated and most wore black.

It was almost impossible to see the parade and the team, but the roars that flowed up Queens Street were electric.

New Zealand Victory Parade 2011,

The whole of New Zealand was celebrating, and it was a privilege to be in Auckland at that time.

In celebration of New Zealand’s second world cup victory, here are some photos from the Victory Parade of 2011.

New Zealand Flags at the Vitcory Parade


NZ watching


nz victory parade 2011 rugby


nz flag


NZ World Cup Celebration


NZ kids


NZ vic


NZ Victory


NZ ppl


New Zealand rugby world cup Victory Parade Balloons

New Zealand Boy watches the Victory Parade, Queen St, 2011 - thetraveloguernew zealand rugby world cup victory parade


new zealand rugby world cup victory parade



New Zealandnew zealand rugby world cup victory parade


NZ paper -new zealand rugby world cup victory parade


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