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Summer Bay Stalking & humiliation – visiting Home & Away filming location in Sydney

Visiting Palm Beach, Sydney or Summer Bay home of Home and Away

If I had to associate one thing with Australia it would be Home and Away.

Long before I ever set foot in Australia, Home and Away (the Australian soap opera that’s aired on Irish tv since 1988) shaped my idea of what life was like down under. As far as I could see, it was all caravan parks, eternal sunshine, gorgeous people, amazing school uniforms, and a world where freak accidents, natural disasters and fires happened on a regular basis. Continue Reading

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What to expect when you come home from traveling

fear of flying - thetraveloguer

While traveling is just the greatest, the reality is that it often must come to an end. Before you know it, you’ve swapped your flip flops for boots, your Kingfisher for an over-priced pint, and sunshine for rain (at least in Ireland!)

Coming back from traveling can be tough, let’s be honest. When I returned to Ireland after years abroad, it was challenging. I’m not going to lie, at times it was really, really hard. Continue Reading

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Petra at Night – an unmissable experience in Jordan

Petra at Night - experiencing the lost city of Petra in the dark - the traveloguer travel blog

Sandalled feet crunched in the gravelly, dusty path leading towards the Siq. Voices murmured and orangey light flickered inside brown paper bags guiding a path towards the lost city of Petra, and the wonderful experience of Petra at Night. 

After a day spent wandering amidst the rose-red rocks of the otherworldly Petra, there was only time for a quick dip, shower and giant Middle Eastern feast before it was time to return for Petra at Night, an experience that surpassed by expectations even more than Petra had done earlier that day. Continue Reading