Pink Beach of Pantai Merah

After a bit of Komodo dragon spotting on Komodo Island, we got back on the boat to go to Pantai Merah, the pink beach, on the other side of Komodo Island. Visiting a pink beach was something I was looking forward to as much as seeing Komodo dragons. At first as we approached Pantai Merah, on the eastern side of Komodo Island, the beach didn’t look very pink, but as we got closer, the sand did take on a blush. The waters were crazy clear, and highlighted the pretty pink sand below. So how does a beach turn pink? It’s all thanks to coral. Old bits of coral are broken down in the sea and merge with the sand to create a red and white combo that makes for some truly beautiful scenery. Wading through the clear waters with the pink sand below felt wonderful. We reached the pink sand shores and spent some time walking around, paddling in the water and studying the sand up close. The downside to our visit to Pantai Merah was that there a lot of other tourists there at the same time, so it did kind of take from the moment. It would have … Continue reading Pink Beach of Pantai Merah