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Snowboarding in Oslo – Europe’s easiest, most underrated skiing destination?

snowing and skiing in Oslo winterpark

Imagine living in a busy capital city. After a long week of work, you wake on Saturday, have breakfast, wrap up warm and hoist your skis or snowboard over your shoulders as you head outside.

You walk to the nearest metro station, spotting your fellow ski pole-toting pals as you go, and jump on the subway.

Within 40 minutes, you’re up in the mountains, stepping on powder-soft white snow and surrounded by alpine forest.

This isn’t some fantasy, this is the reality of living in Oslo.


Skiing, snowboarding and sledding in Oslo

When we booked a trip to Oslo, we didn’t expect it would be a skiing holiday. And yet, we found ourselves up in the slopes and surrounded by a winter wonderland as we attempted to give snowboarding a go.

From the city centre, you can be in winter sports heaven in under an hour. We sat on the subway (Metro line 1) to Frognerseteren, amazed by everyone lugging their gear with them. As the train made its ascent from the sprawling city to the stunningly beautiful country, more ski bunnies got on board, ski poles gently knocking off one another as people politely made room.

Skiing in Oslo thetraveloguer

As we climbed higher and higher, we spotted people skiing and sledding through the trees.

We got off at the last stop, Frognersefern, and surreally followed the herd through the trees, where many began to sled down the hills. We followed on foot for a while, looking for the ski slopes so we could rent some gear.

You need to get off at the second last stop, Voksenkollen, to catch the shuttlebus to Vinterpark in order to rent gear and buy a day pass to the slopes.

Sledding in Oslo

If you want to rent a sled, from the Frognerseferen stop, follow the path of sledders through the trees, where the path will split. Head right, following signs for Frognerseteren and you will find a sled rental shop and a restaurant. You can sled all the way down to the Midstuen metro stop, where you can catch a lift back to the top.

Oslo a winter wonderland - snow and ice

Oslo Vinterpark

Oslo Vinter Park has 18 slopes, 6 lifts and miles of stunning white scenery.

Opening Hours

Monday – Friday: 10:00 – 22:00
Saturday – Sunday: 10:00-17:00


How to get to Oslo Winterpark, Tryvann

  • Take the subway line #1 towards Frognersetern.
  • Get off at Voksenkollen stop and follow the signs.
  • From there, it is a short walk, or you can take a shuttle bus. (We failed to find our way walking!)

When we got the subway to Voksenkollen, we ended up walking the wrong way and found ourselves lost on a long snowy road, completely clueless. We eventually found a hotel to ask for directions, and they sent us back the way we came.

After a long walk, we were back at the subway stop, where we stomped our feet to stay warm until a shuttlebus came.

Bus to vinterpark in Oslo, Norway - the traveloguer travel blog

This brought us to the carpark and entrance to Vinterpark.

Once you get inside, it’s easy to find the big building where you can purchase a day pass and rent all the gear you’ll need.

When you get inside the building, you need to register and collect the equipment you need at different stations. The guys working there are nice so they will help you.


How much does it cost to rent ski or snowboarding gear in Oslo Vinterpark?  

A drop-in day pass to Vinterpark is 400 krone (€41/$51).

Snowboarding gear costs 400 for adults for one day

This includes boots, your board, a jacket, trousers and a helmet, so it’s really handy. You can purchase each item individually, depending on what you need.

Skis or board – 250

A helmet – 70

Lift pass – 65 each

We bought three lift passes each, as by the time we got there the park was going to be closing soon. (Vinterpark closes at 5 pm on weekends, but stays open until 10pm on other nights.)

After realising how challenging it is to actually figure out how to stand up wearing a snowboard, we realised we didn’t need to buy any passes, as we spent most of our time on the beginner area and slopes, with me spending much of that time on my ass in the snow!

Oslo in the winter - Winter Park


Snowboarding, or attempting to snowboard, was a great and unexpected experience during our trip to Oslo. We reluctantly left the snowy slopes exhilarated, a little sore and absolutely starving. Within an hour, we were back at our hotel.

I highly recommend going snowboarding or skiing if you are in Oslo, it’s just so easy to do!

If you’re a first timer like me, I definitely recommend you invest in a lesson to get you started, your behind will thank you!


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