Swaziland is a must-see on any trip to South Africa!

Mlawula Nature Reserve

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For anyone visiting South Africa, a trip to neighbouring landlocked Swaziland is also a must! Swaziland, a small country largely surrounded by South Africa and sharing a border with Mozambique, is one of the top-rated destinations for tourists in South Africa.

Swaziland captures the whole essence of Africa, with its lush landscape, rich culture and a vast wilderness that allows exotic wildlife to flourish. The people of Swaziland are known for their gracious hospitality and warmth.

Swaziland is also the perfect destination for thrill-seekers, with lots of adrenaline-inducing activities on offer to get your blood pumping!

Swaziland Culture

Swaziland culture

Swaziland holds the pride of retaining a richly-flavoured culture.

If you visit Swaziland you will be able to witness the indigenous South Africans brightly clad in their traditional clothing. It is also very famous for its Umhlanga (Reed Dance) and Incwala ceremony. While these are performed at certain times during the year, there are many other ceremonies and dances to give you a first-hand experience of the traditions and a culture.


Swaziland’s Glorious Landscape


Treat yourself with a visit to Swaziland and let nature entertain you! Expect lush valleys, gorgeous high mountains and scenic waterfalls.

Swaziland is home to caves and massive rocks that provide excellent opportunities for adventurous activities.

Swaziland’s most impressive nature reserve, Malolotja offers stunning landscapes that and wild flora. The enormous trees amidst thick woods gives a picture perfect setting for a holiday.

Impressive Wildlife

white rhinos

Seeing ‘the big five’ is an unforgettable African experience, for children and adults alike. Swaziland is home to all of them, attracting a swarm of global visitors to the small country.

Swaziland is also home to the largest number of rhinos in the area. Spotting a black and white rhino in the wild is something you won’t forget.

There are up to 7 wildlife reserves to explore. Hlane Royal National Park is the largest and has plenty of accommodation options available , from camping to self -catering cottages.

Other notable reserves are Milwane Wildlife Sanctuary, Mkhaya Game Reserve, and Mlawula Nature Reserve.


Adrenaline Activities!

Mlawula Nature Reserve


Swaziland’s cascading waterfalls and flowing rivers make for excellent river-rafting. Rafting in the Great Usutu is one of the most popular activities.

You can also partake in zip-lining through the Swaziland wilderness, with well-equipped guides on hand to ensure your safety and enjoyment.

Quad-biking is another popular activity to get the adrenaline pumping! The Devil’s Cauldron is the best place to get your quad on.

If your sport of choice is retail therapy, then rest assured, there are lots of malls and markets to meet your needs. Beautiful art and crafts are perfect souvenirs to remind you of your trip to Swaziland.

Visiting Swaziland

Swaziland is a well-sought tourist destination not only among random tourists but also among environmentalists and animal activists. The kingdom though small is rich with wilderness, the fauna and the flora offering you with a better place than any man-made vacation spots. It is a perfect place for mind-relaxing and untimely delight. The rare wilderness activities will surely spend sparks down your spine. Visit Swaziland and your stay will be an everlasting memory.

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