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How Not to Start a Backpacking Trip

how not to start a backpacking trip


It just wouldn’t be travel without a few disasters along the way, or is that just me? All I know is I can’t seem to execute a single trip without something unexpected happening, which, at the time seems like a nightmare, but I always comfort myself with the fact that it could end up being a funny story, or even just a story. So, of course, it came as no surprise that my long awaited return to Asia started with a few less than ideal moments, all before we even reached Bali.

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Flight Survival Kit

Flight Survival Kit Ah, another Christmas, another long mission to get home. This time I had the pleasure of flying Adelaide-Kuala Lumpur, then a nine hour wait, then Kuala Lumpur-Amsterdam, and Amsterdam-Dublin. Phew. Thirty-something hours of joy! In preparation for the trip, I…