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What to expect when you come home from traveling

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While traveling is just the greatest, the reality is that it often must come to an end. Before you know it, you’ve swapped your flip flops for boots, your Kingfisher for an over-priced pint, and sunshine for rain (at least in Ireland!)

Coming back from traveling can be tough, let’s be honest. When I returned to Ireland after years abroad, it was challenging. I’m not going to lie, at times it was really, really hard.

I know that’s not what you want to read, but believe me when I say, the strangeness does pass!

If you are facing the end of the wandering road (for now), here are a few things to expect when you get home. Bear in mind, these are the more negative aspects of coming home. Not all will apply to you, but in reading this list I hope some of you will nod your heads in recognition, and see that you’re not alone.

For those of you who are considering coming home, don’t be freaked out, but take this list as a little primer for your return to normal life. It’s not all bad, but here are a few things to know…

what to expect coming home from travels


People don’t care about your travels

While this seems a little harsh, it is the truth. Sure, your parents will be interested, at first. Your friends will ask ‘how was it?’, but no one really cares. Really. They care about their own stuff. While you were off adventuring, they were getting on with their own lives. They are probably more interested in filling you in on all the gossip from home than listening to you go on about your crazy experiences in places they’ve never been with people they’ve never heard of. Even though you will be reminded of experiences from your travel all the time, don’t be that guy who interrupts every conversation with ‘That reminds me of that time in Pontinak’ or ‘When I was in China…’ Trust me, no one wants to hear that!

As for all those holiday snaps you took, I hate to break it to you, but not even your parents want to see more than a few! So maybe call off the projector for now! At least there’s always Instagram!!

what to expect coming home from travels

Shit is expensive!

Unless you’re coming from Australia or the Nordic countries, your home town is likely to be more expensive than places like Asia and South America. For many of us, this means you’re in for a rude awakening when you go shopping for the first time!

A coffee can cost as much as your breakfast and dinner did in Asia. The bus to the city centre will set you back as much as a bus from Sunuali to Varanasi.

The first time I saw pad thai on a menu in Ireland, I was really shocked to see it cost 20 times as much as it did in Thailand. I knew Ireland was obviously more expensive, but it just seemed crazy that a restaurant was charging close to €20 for one while I had been munching on authentic pad thai in Thaliand for less than €1!

When a glass of wine costs more than a night’s accommodation in Bali it can be tough, and ironically, the shock will have you even more in need of drink!


People think your return means you’re ready to settle down

Parents, relatives and friends tend to have this strange assumption that now that you’ve seen more of the world, you’re cured of your pesky wanderlust and are ready to settle down.

Parents in particular may be convinced you have been cured and that you’ve gotten ‘it’ out of your system. Hmm, not exactly.

Why anyone would think you’d be satisfied after exploring parts of the world is a mystery. Surely they must know that you’ve only seen a fraction of this big amazing world, and that all you want is to see more! But anyway, it’s best to not correct them when you first get back, leave that bombshell for a little longer.

what to expect coming home from travels


The third degree and likely existential crisis

What are you doing with your life???? What’s your plan? What’s next with your career? What are you going to do with yourself????

For some reason, when you come home from travelling, people assume its a good idea to bombard you with probing questions about your plans for the rest of your life. While you’re still trying to get used to everyone speaking the same language as you, parents, friends and family have already moved on to your grand purpose in life.

People seem to assume you want to be quizzed about your plans, unaware of the fact that those very questions may send you into a spiral of panic, because you have absolutely no idea what you are doing and all you want is to be back on a beach or exploring streets you’ve never been to before.

These questions are annoying, a little nosy and they also carry the risk of making you freak out.

This may lead you to have a slight meltdown as you’re forced to ponder, eh, what am I actually doing with my life? Fun.

The existential crisis is no picnic, trust me, but all you can do is take your time and try to draw on what you have learned from your travels to guide you. Travel is enriching and eye-opening, and you never know, it may provide you with the answers to these inconvenient questions.

Just figure it out on your own time, and smile politely (while gritting your teeth) when your nosy relatives quiz you.


Forced saving for dullness

Rent, deposits, clothes, a car – These are all really inconvenient things you have to start saving for. It sucks. It really, really does. While sacrificing a night out to save for that skydiving you’re planning on your travels is a worthy sacrifice, when you have to start saving for something as annoying as a deposit for an apartment, it can be pretty depressing.

My advice? Make sure you’re putting something aside (no matter how small) for your next trip out of here.

what to expect coming home from travels

Feeling like an outsider

Look, coming home after being away for so long can be tough. It is common to feel different, like you don’t fit in. This doesn’t happen all of the time, but sometimes slotting back in to your world can be strange fit. Friends have new friends, relationships or habits, people have moved on, or else stayed the exact some even though you feel different.

Relax, this is normal, and will settle down. You may need to readjust your expectations and remember to value the essence of your friendships for what they are, for the past you have shared and the good times in your future. You have changed, so adjust your expectations and be open to new experiences.


You may be freaked out by the amount of shit you have accumulated

There is something a little disconcerting about going from living out of a backpack to returning home to find you have so much stuff. You go from carrying your worldly possessions on your back, like a wandering snail, to living in a room that’s almost bursting with stuff. How many pairs of shoes can one person own? Why do you still have a drawer full of pyjamas? How could you have lived such an excessive lifestyle?

The good thing about all of your crap is that it can be nice to dig through it all and discover things you had forgotten you owned. But at the same time, its also a surreal experience. On the road you know exactly how many pairs of shorts you have, and when you were about to run out of clean knickers. At home, your closets, drawers and shelves house an abundance of stuff that you probably couldn’t name half of.

what to expect coming home from travels

People may not be down with you wearing your hippie pants outside, or ever

It’s not just your flowy pants. The bracelets, the unusual hair braids or the henna may not look so good to the normal people at home. It’s a shame, but its time to hang up those pants and brush you hair. Eventually. But there’s nothing to stop you wearing them at home!!

At the end of the day, coming home is an adjustment. Travel does change you, and that’s part of the reason you did it, right? All you need now is time to get used to it all, and to figure out what’s next. Aside from that trip you’re already planning! And remember, you’re not alone,  all around the world are wanderers just like you, going through the same things.

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  • Reply
    April 26, 2016 at 9:28 pm

    Oh yes, lots of head nodding from me and I’ve just been pondering a similar topic on my blog. It is tough coming home!! Luckily it seems it is relatively acceptable to wear hippy pants in London now (if/when the weather is good!!). It helps to others feel similar!! Great post and lovely pics too 🙂
    Ali recently posted…Weekly Small Pleasures #8My Profile

  • Reply
    April 26, 2016 at 9:34 pm

    So much truth in this article. I remember the first time it happened to me, yep, it happens more than once, I was depressed for days. The only cure; plan another trip. It does not need to be tomorrow but have some travel to look forward to.
    Tim recently posted…Hair Washer of HanoiMy Profile

    • Reply
      Christine Maguire
      May 9, 2016 at 3:23 pm

      Hey Tim, thanks! You’re so right, the only cure is more travel, it’s a never-ending circle! 🙂

  • Reply
    Susan Cooper
    April 26, 2016 at 10:38 pm

    Yep, lots of nodding here. I especially can relate to your point about people don’t really care about what you did and where you went. I learned not to worry about it anymore. If they want to know they’ll ask. Now, let’s plan another adventure. 😄

  • Reply
    May 5, 2016 at 11:16 am

    Yes to all of these things. I have been living back-and-forth between the US and India for the last 10 years, and this is always my experience when I return to the States. I am getting ready to move back to the States in a month, and everyone keeps asking me if I’m moving back “for good”. Why does it have to be for good? Is “for now” not good enough anymore? Luckily my parents don’t seem as concerned as my friends, so I’ve at least got that going for me 🙂
    veena recently posted…in photos: april 2016.My Profile

    • Reply
      Christine Maguire
      May 9, 2016 at 3:20 pm

      Hey Veena, yeah it’s strange people are always asking that sort of thing! Lucky you being back and forth to the India!

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