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How to use a squat toilet like a boss

How to Use a Squat Toilet - thetraveloguer travel blog

When you’re travelling, you will come across some memorable toilet situations. From holes in the ground to no toilets at all, peeing on the road can be a challenge.

If you are travelling around Asia, Africa and the Middle East you’re likely going to have to use a squat toilet. While some of these toilets are less than ideal places to pee, once you master a few key tips, you’ll be able to relieve yourself where ever you need. Continue Reading

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What to expect when you come home from traveling

fear of flying - thetraveloguer

While traveling is just the greatest, the reality is that it often must come to an end. Before you know it, you’ve swapped your flip flops for boots, your Kingfisher for an over-priced pint, and sunshine for rain (at least in Ireland!)

Coming back from traveling can be tough, let’s be honest. When I returned to Ireland after years abroad, it was challenging. I’m not going to lie, at times it was really, really hard. Continue Reading