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What to expect when you come home from traveling

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While traveling is just the greatest, the reality is that it often must come to an end. Before you know it, you’ve swapped your flip flops for boots, your Kingfisher for an over-priced pint, and sunshine for rain (at least in Ireland!)

Coming back from traveling can be tough, let’s be honest. When I returned to Ireland after years abroad, it was challenging. I’m not going to lie, at times it was really, really hard. Continue Reading

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9 Things to Expect on South-East Asian Transport

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Travelling around South East Asia is so doable thanks to easy access to cheap transport. For the price of two pints back home, you can often cross through entire countries in South East Asia.

The well-worn backpacker circuit is paved with a variety of routes and means to transport backpackers where they want to go. Buses, mini-buses, trains and boats are at your disposal, and all it takes is a visit to one of many travel agents who will get you from A to B. Continue Reading