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Boat Trip to Komodo Islands – Day one at sea

View from the boat - Lombok Komodo Flores - the traveloguer travel blog

Visiting Indonesia’s Komodo Island and seeing Komodo dragons in their natural habitat is on many a traveller’s bucket list. However, getting there on a budget isn’t exactly a quick and easy trip. We took a four day boat journey from Lombok to Flores, which resulted in an almost shipwreck and a few disasters before we finally made it to Komodo Island. 

You can read part one of our Komodo adventure here.  Continue Reading

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How to use a squat toilet like a boss

How to Use a Squat Toilet - thetraveloguer travel blog

When you’re travelling, you will come across some memorable toilet situations. From holes in the ground to no toilets at all, peeing on the road can be a challenge.

If you are travelling around Asia, Africa and the Middle East you’re likely going to have to use a squat toilet. While some of these toilets are less than ideal places to pee, once you master a few key tips, you’ll be able to relieve yourself where ever you need. Continue Reading