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The joy of being nowhere – treasured moments in transit

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As a kid I loved going on holidays. Not just for the promise of sunshine and swimming pools, of eating dinner outside and daily ice creams, but for the excitement of going on an adventure. It was carrying my own backpack filled with books, a walkman and notebooks. It was the buzz of the airport, or the hum of the ferry. It was the knowledge that we were all going somewhere new together. Continue Reading

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Food in Jordan – What to expect to eat in Jordan from Amman to Petra

Food in Jordan - what to expect to eat and budget

Jordan is a country filled with delicious Middle Eastern food. Any trip to Jordan is bound to include delicious culinary experiences, from the best falafel you can imagine, to fresh ingredients bursting with flavour and delicious sweet treats.

If you’re wondering what kind of food is there to eat in Jordan – here’s a quick guide to give you an idea of what you can expect to eat in Jordan during your travels,¬†along with the dishes you can’t afford to miss out on! Continue Reading